Storage Deals #

There are two types of deals in Filecoin markets, storage deals and retrieval deals. Storage deals are recorded on the blockchain and enforced by the protocol. Retrieval deals are off chain and enabled by micropayment channel by transacting parties (see Retrieval Market for more information).

The lifecycle of a Storage Deal touches several major subsystems, components, and protocols in Filecoin.

This section describes the storage deal data type and a technical outline for deal flow in terms of how all the components involved and the functions they call on each other. For more detail and prose explanations, see Storage Market and Storage Miner.

Data Types #

package market

import (

	addr ""
	cid ""
	mh ""

	abi ""
	big ""
	acrypto ""

// Note: Deal Collateral is only released and returned to clients and miners
// when the storage deal stops counting towards power. In the current iteration,
// it will be released when the sector containing the storage deals expires,
// even though some storage deals can expire earlier than the sector does.
// Collaterals are denominated in PerEpoch to incur a cost for self dealing or
// minimal deals that last for a long time.
// Note: ClientCollateralPerEpoch may not be needed and removed pending future confirmation.
// There will be a Minimum value for both client and provider deal collateral.
type DealProposal struct {
	PieceCID     cid.Cid // CommP
	PieceSize    abi.PaddedPieceSize
	VerifiedDeal bool
	Client       addr.Address
	Provider     addr.Address

	// Label is an arbitrary client chosen label to apply to the deal
	Label string

	// Nominal start epoch. Deal payment is linear between StartEpoch and EndEpoch,
	// with total amount StoragePricePerEpoch * (EndEpoch - StartEpoch).
	// Storage deal must appear in a sealed (proven) sector no later than StartEpoch,
	// otherwise it is invalid.
	StartEpoch           abi.ChainEpoch
	EndEpoch             abi.ChainEpoch
	StoragePricePerEpoch abi.TokenAmount

	ProviderCollateral abi.TokenAmount
	ClientCollateral   abi.TokenAmount

// ClientDealProposal is a DealProposal signed by a client
type ClientDealProposal struct {
	Proposal        DealProposal
	ClientSignature acrypto.Signature

func (p *DealProposal) Duration() abi.ChainEpoch {
	return p.EndEpoch - p.StartEpoch

func (p *DealProposal) TotalStorageFee() abi.TokenAmount {
	return big.Mul(p.StoragePricePerEpoch, big.NewInt(int64(p.Duration())))

func (p *DealProposal) ClientBalanceRequirement() abi.TokenAmount {
	return big.Add(p.ClientCollateral, p.TotalStorageFee())

func (p *DealProposal) ProviderBalanceRequirement() abi.TokenAmount {
	return p.ProviderCollateral

func (p *DealProposal) Cid() (cid.Cid, error) {
	buf := new(bytes.Buffer)
	if err := p.MarshalCBOR(buf); err != nil {
		return cid.Undef, err
	b := buf.Bytes()

	mhType := uint64(mh.BLAKE2B_MIN + 31)
	mhLen := -1

	hash, err := mh.Sum(b, mhType, mhLen)
	if err != nil {
		return cid.Undef, err

	c := cid.NewCidV1(cid.DagCBOR, hash)

	return c, nil

type DealState struct {
	SectorStartEpoch abi.ChainEpoch // -1 if not yet included in proven sector
	LastUpdatedEpoch abi.ChainEpoch // -1 if deal state never updated
	SlashEpoch       abi.ChainEpoch // -1 if deal never slashed