Message Pool #

The Message Pool is a subsystem in the Filecoin blockchain system. The message pool acts as the interface between Filecoin nodes and a peer-to-peer network used for off-chain message transmission. It is used by nodes to maintain a set of messages to transmit to the Filecoin VM (for “on-chain” execution).

import addr ""
import msg ""

type MessagePoolSubsystem struct {
    // needs access to:
    // - BlockchainSubsystem
    //   - needs access to StateTree
    //   - needs access to Messages mined into blocks (probably past finality)
    //     to remove from the MessagePool
    // - NetworkSubsystem
    //   - needs access to MessagePubsub
    // Important remaining questions:
    // - how does BlockchainSubsystem.BlockReceiver handle asking for messages?
    // - how do we note messages are now part of the blockchain
    //   - how are they cleared from the mempool
    // - do we need to have some sort of purge?

    // Stats returns information about the MessagePool contents.
    Stats() MessagePoolStats

    // FindMessage receives a descriptor query q, and returns a set of
    // messages currently in the mempool that match the Query constraints.
    // q may have all, any, or no constraints specified.
    // FindMessage(q MessageQuery) union {
    //  [base.Message],
    //  Error
    // }

    // MostProfitableMessages returns messages that are most profitable
    // to mine for this miner.
    // Note: This is where algorithms about chosing best messages given
    //       many leaders should go.
    GetMostProfitableMessages(miner addr.Address) [msg.SignedMessage]

    // messageSyncer to manager incoming and outgoing messages
    Syncer MessageSyncer

type MessagePoolStats struct {
    // Size is the amount of messages in the MessagePool
    Size UInt

// MessageQuery is a descriptor used to find messages matching one or more
// of the constraints specified.
type MessageQuery struct {
  From   base.Address
  To     base.Address
  Method ActorMethodId
  Params ActorMethodParams

  ValueMin    TokenAmount
  ValueMax    TokenAmount
  GasPriceMin TokenAmount
  GasPriceMax TokenAmount
  GasLimitMin TokenAmount
  GasLimitMax TokenAmount

Clients that use a message pool include:

  • storage market provider and client nodes - for transmission of deals on chain
  • storage miner nodes - for transmission of PoSts, sector commitments, deals, and other operations tracked on chain
  • verifier nodes - for transmission of potential faults on chain
  • relayer nodes - for forwarding and discarding messages appropriately.

The message pool subsystem is made of two components:


  • discuss how messages are meant to propagate slowly/async
  • explain algorithms for choosing profitable txns